Requests from the stream!

Oh my god Gladdy you actually.

Oh my god Gladdy you actually.

HI! I have two questions. What type of tablet do you use? And do you have any tips for a person new to drawing?

I use a bamboo fun that’s almost five years old. :DD 

Or four.

Quite frankly, I’m just shocked that it still works. 

As for tips, actually, I could probably make a tutorial out of tips.  I’ve been asked this question a lot.  What do you guys think? Would you like to see one?

I have a very, very, VERY important question for you: Have you seen Rainbow Rocks yet? If so, what are your thoughts without giving any spoilers? If not, are you hyped for the premiere on Discovery Kids?

Haven’t seen it yet, and I HATE spoilers. 

Like, if you want me to be mad at you, tell me spoilers.  

And yes, I’m excited about he premiere, but I have no idea of times/channel so lol I’ll watch it eventually.

Tiny Ember dad!

Tiny Ember dad!

You know what should entirely be a thing at conventions?

Confetti water balloon fight.

Like, fill water balloons with confetti, then water.

Fun ensues.

Oh my gosh Sterling I entirely typed that last post of mine in a dalek voice. It was like 8am and I was all “INTENSIFIEESSSSSSS” under my breath so my roommate wouldn’t stare.  


*Mod Intensifies*


Coldheart decides to assemble evidence to present in favour of putting Turner in the crazy ward. Among this is a video done during his "rapper" phase. /Uk4Nu_5vSR0

PFT. I had forgotten about that. Sadly, Turner’s events aren’t in line with the show.


>new blog background >not rowdy ember getting arrested by iceshine at the strip club where turner works at night >greentexting in a tumblr ask >everything is redhearts flowerpot concussion dream >invest in cuddle potatoes

-can’t stop laughing-

This is so many kinds of crazy laughing stuff I just can’t. xD